Pest Clear methods

You can choose the removal service that works for you, including poison-free pest control. At Pest Clear we are experienced handlers of ferrets and birds of prey, so we can offer these traditional and highly effective removal methods.

We are also BASC registered and can provide a shooting service to rid you of pests.


At Pest Clear our highly trained staff provide a 24 hour service with no call out charges and our aim is to be to your premises within 2 hours from the time you call, We also provide free quotations on request.

no job is too big or to small for pest clear uk we will find your pest problem and eradicate it so that you can get back to your home, after all no one should be scared in their own home!.

we offer an extensive no obligation site survey for all commercial pest control covering the uk from Train stations, Hospitals, Warehouses,local councils,Farms, Hotels,Retail premises, Golf courses, Landfill sites, Restaurants and many more including a full Risk and COSHH assessment

Using humane pest control methods we can discreetly and confidentiality remove your pest problem so your business can carry on as normal with out disruption

we can offer a wide range of pest control as well as having a passion for falconry and specializing in flying hawks and falcons to reduce bird and pigeon populations that are causing a nuisance and  damage to your properties.

we offer a full range of bird deterrents, netting, blank firing, kites,spikes, pin wire all are popular forms of bird and pigeon detergents to control and prevent nesting and roosting, we provide a efficient and thorough removal of bird waste (guano) and will disinfect the contaminated areas, pigeon droppings (guano) and pigeons carry a surprisingly large number of diseases that are transmissible to humans (called zoonotic) such as Salmonella and Listeria, Viral Encephalitis and E. Coli to name a few.

we are approved by many major insurance companies and any problem is dealt with quickly and efficiently


Contact Pest Clear today to get rid of your pests.

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